Nurse Educator role and responsibilities

nurse educator

A nurse educator is a professional nurse who has advanced education in clinical and educational training with experience in health care speciality.

The nurse educator’s main responsibility is to prepare students for entry into practice by updating their knowledge and skills. The nurse educator should create an environment for active and positive learning for nursing students.

The nurse educator participates in:

  • Designing orientation
  • Developing new courses and curricula
  • Assessing learning needs by identifying strengths & weaknesses
  • Evaluating by providing constructive & effective feedback
  • Selecting & using correct instructional methods for the audience
  • Teaching evaluation programs including self-evaluatio

I chose this role because it lets me share my stories and experiences with the students for the benefit of their learning. Most importantly this is a rewarding teaching experience because it ensures that students become well-educated in the health care field.

This interesting article provides further description for Nurse Educator’s duties:


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