My Reflection for PIDP 3240

apple tree

As everybody has to pass the stage of a beginner in every educational course, I was very excited to start the media course. I was optimistic and energized for my first online learning experience. It was a great opportunity for me to read J. A. Bowen’s “Teaching Naked” for the first time. When I was reading those chapters, I got to know more details about new technology and its effectiveness in teaching and learning. Once, I started assignments I had some anxiety on whether I was on the right track. I appreciate my instructor for the great support and the encouragement to step forward.

Forum posting was a fascinating learning experience for me. I wanted to participate and contribute as much as possible in order to improve my technical skills and learning. I read all the postings and was amazed by some of the technological methods which I had never heard of. I did a lot of research and tried my best to provide regular contribution. It was a great opportunity to interact with the classmates and share ideas.

Creating my very first blog was another valuable experience in the PIDP program. I learnt about importance of Copyright, Creative Commons and Public Domain. I improved my blog by figuring out technical issues, and it was a fantastic opportunity to advance my writing skills. Sometimes, I was really tired after work, still managed to provide regular contribution to the blog with enthusiasm to enhance my learning.

Finally I came across the end of these 8 weeks. I picked up an apple of PIDP 3240 from the PIDP apple tree.

The taste of the delicious apple will benefit my students and me in the future.


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