Open Textbooks

The open textbooks under licensing allows students and instructors to access them for little or no cost. Most importantly instructors are able to modify or edit the content in case of error is found.

There are pros and cons of open textbooks.


  • Flexibility- can use at anytime
  • Information is up to date (no need to wait for a new edition)
  • Often free or very low price
  • No need to carry heavy books
  • Learning material is interactive because of its’ multimedia component
  • Can be easily found and students anywhere in the world can access it at anytime


  • Student will need a computer, laptop or a tablet
  • Technological issues
  • Lack of interaction between students and teachers

I prefer to use open textbooks because I can use it in my own time according to the availability of my busy schedule.

I would like to share this YouTube video:


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