Adult Teaching and Learnnig

As an effective educator it is important to realize the audience of your classroom.  Especially when it comes to adult education, we should ensure the success of each and every student by creating a positive learning environment.

Many adult learners take courses after a period of time away from school, college or university.  Because of that the educator should determine about their interests, motivations, perspectives, learning experiences and background to help them achieve their goals.

Most adult learners would like to use their relevant experience and knowledge for learning process.  It is important to make connection or relevance to the topic by incorporating their previous experience.  It is valuable to show adult learners the respect they deserve for their knowledge or experience.  To create positive learning environment, educators should motivate adult learners to learn and retain new information for their careers.  Educator has a great role to inspire and engage adult learner in learning process by helping them achieve their goals.

I found an interesting article related to adult teaching, “Tips for teaching adult students” by Brooks Doherty.

This is the link for the article.


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